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27 Verified Ratings

Mar 23, 2023
As a buyer or seller, stress will inevitably enter the equation in real estate deals. The most valuable service that Jenny provided was her ability to diffuse any stressful, chaotic situations that occurred in our recent selling and buying experiences (full disclosure, mostly my doing). You cannot put a price tag on that, but Jenny certainly added value to her remarkable services. She is a skilled negotiator and there is nobody else you would want by your side. She always had our backs and stepped up to the plate for us in such demanding times. She is the glue that held together our deals on both the buy and sell sides. Do not look elsewhere, do not consider others. You have found the most formidable representative there is - Jennie Wilson. Words really can't express our admiration for you. YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Louis and Andrea Perez

Sep 8, 2022
"I am so thankful that we chose Jennie Wilson as our realtor when the time came to sell our residence! From start to finish, she was spot-on with advice and reassuring guidance--she stayed in constant contact with me, returning phone calls and texts with lightning speed. Jennie went above and beyond, exceeding all of our expectations throughout the entire process--I would highly recommend Jennie and would definitely call on her again if purchasing or selling a home." -Sharon J.

Aug 24, 2021
With Jennie's calm, professional expertise I was able to successfully complete a 1031 Exchange in a very adverse market for the buyer. Because of market conditions, I wanted the transaction completed during the Exchanges 45 day identification period. I am now the owner of a rent-able high end condo, the Exchange was completed with time to spare. Jennie was full of ideas and always available. I can not overstate how available she was and how reassuring it was to have all my questions answered or researched and answered so quickly. You will enjoy working with Jennie and be in capable hands. -Nina B.

Aug 10, 2021
Jennie is the Renaissance Woman of Atlanta real estate -- she does it all, with a cheerful attitude to boot. Moving during a pandemic is hard enough, but we also had a hard deadline (the arrival of a new baby) and were up against a crazy real estate market. Jennie was up for the challenge! She sold our beloved cottage and helped us find the perfect new house for our growing family. This was a big move for our family and there's no one else I would trust besides Jennie to help us navigate this exciting transition. In the past year she's helped my mother move closer to us, sold our first home and found our dream house. We couldn't be more grateful for all Jennie has done for our family. Aurora and Justin Stolz

May 25, 2021
As a property newbie searching remotely (I live in Europe) in a hot market, Jennie was absolutely fantastic in guiding the process. Jennie is smart as a whip, hard-working, and always prepared with the right information – plus she’s just so lovely to work with. This is my first Atlanta property but I hope not the last, and Jennie will always be the first person I call.

May 15, 2021
I grew up with Jennie and watched her content on Instagram as a friend. But after reading numerous informative posts of hers, I reached out to her professionally. I was so impressed with her knowledge base, creative solutions for complex situations, and expertise. I live out of state and was overwhelmed by everything real-estate. She broke things down for me, answered questions regularly, and interviewed agents to find the perfect fit for me. She has a gift in providing exceptional support and advice, which makes you feel comfortable during every step of the process. You cannot get a better real-estate agent to help you with the next chapter of your life.

Apr 10, 2021
We cannot express our gratitude to Jennie Wilson. She worked tirelessly to get our home sold. We were under contract within 3 weeks. We live in Florida, and trying to sell a home out of state can be stressful. If an issue ever arose, Jennie was quick to solve it. Knowing that we couldn’t be there, she made time on weekends, evenings and early mornings to work with realtors, contractors and prospective buyers. From the beginning, all the way through and after closing, Jennie ensured that we were happy and satisfied. You can tell that customer service is engrained in Jennie. We can’t recommend Jennie enough.

Jan 6, 2021
I have known Jennie for a long time and she has always been one to help. Jennie has walked through real estate with us for many years as we experienced some highs and lows in the process. Even when we did the unthinkable and backed out of a transaction, Jennie handled it with class. She assured us it was normal and made us feel like it was the right decision even though, at the time, it was hurting her business. To say Jennie has patience is an understatement. After showing us houses on and off for years, we finally found the one. Through the buying and selling process Jennie was always right there. She always picks up the phone or texts right back. Jennie is punctual and will always follow through. With demanding jobs, it was a blessing to have Jennie volunteer to meet landscapers, contractors and the like to make sure all was right with the purchase and sale of our home. I would refer anyone to Jennie. Her professionalism, patience and dedication to her clients is unmatched, as is her love for Coca Cola. Thank you, Jennie, for being a great realtor and friend.

Dec 20, 2020
Jennie helped us find our dream home! We searched for months and Jennie was always ready to hop in the car and meet us at the last moment. She would follow up, send recommendations, and worked with us all the way through closing. In the end, her hard work, positivity, and experience led us to the perfect house that we can’t wait to make our home.

Nov 17, 2020
Moving from Connecticut to Georgia was more than packing up and going. It involved a myriad of emotions in leaving the northeast, where I’d lived for most of my life. Add in I’d only visited the Atlanta area once! But then I was introduced to Jennie Wilson, who had gone to college with my daughter (the reason for my move) and had found her and her husband their most charming first home a year earlier. Through a year of Jennie looking on my behalf, being my eyes, then throw in a pandemic, Jennie was the calm, encouraging, and always upbeat partner in my search. Sitting out the pandemic in Connecticut I received an unexpected offer on my home. Now I needed to move, and quickly. But Jennie had already toured various communities of interest, giving me detailed feedback along the way, knowing exactly what I needed and wanted. Then she guided me through the entire process. All with a smile, for at any time of day Jennie was there for me. Without her experience and guidance, I’m not sure how I would have made this move possible. Because of Jennie, I’m now living close to my daughter. Is there a bigger gift than that? Thank you, Jennie. You’ve become a treasured friend, and part of our family, and I’m beyond grateful for all you did for me with your patience, good humor, and expertise. Now it’s goodbye to below zero wind chills, and with my dear friends up north a bit jealous of the southern breezes, I’m happily in Georgia, in my lovely new home.

Aug 18, 2020
Jennie was an invaluable part of both our home-buying and condo-selling process. Over the course of two years, she expertly guided us to properties that fit our ever-changing desires and helped us make a competitive offer on the home we loved. On the sell side, Jennie organized professional photos, had our place listed within a week, and communicated consistently with prospective buyers to get us a sale price over our asking price! We consider Jennie family and are so thankful she was with us every step of the way. She made the tricky process easy to navigate and kept us on track with all of our deliverables so that signing day was a mere formality and full of celebration. Thank you Jennie!

Jun 15, 2020
After Jennie did an incredible job representing me as a buyer of my house, we enlisted her support to help us sell the home, as well. From the start, Jennie was nothing but helpful, attentive, and seeking our best interests as sellers. Throughout the entire process, Jennie was patient, detail oriented, and timely. Most importantly though, Jennie sought to be more than transactional and drove significant relational value. Our house sold within 2 days of listing with an above asking offer. Due to Jennie's legal background she brings a unique perspective of 'protecting' her buyer or seller in all legal documents. She is able to explain each document well (and in layman's terms) so you know what you are signing and the implications. Finally, it did not matter when we called or texted Jennie. She ALWAYS responded within 10 minutes, which was a huge value for us as we were moving in a fast paced transaction. All in all, words do not describe how incredible Jennie is and how good she is at her job. Take a leap of faith and trust me on this one by enlisting Jennie to support you in all your real-estate needs! You will quickly see why we will work with Jennie for all of future real estate purchases! Thank you, Jennie!!

Apr 6, 2020
Jennie Wilson is an amazing realtor. As we are new to Atlanta, we needed someone with expertise about the neighborhoods, house resale values, and reputation of builders. Jennie provided invaluable assistance as we navigated buying new construction during the COVID pandemic. While we were still living out of state, Jennie was able to negotiate with the sellers, finalize the inspection, and complete the closing. She made what could have been an exhausting process into a very enjoyable one where we are completely confident with our decision. She went above and beyond every step of the way and has become a good friend. We recommend Jennie as a realtor without any reservations!

Jun 20, 2019
Jennie made our downsizing as pain-free as possible—from recommending stagers and contractors, to preparing for a smooth closing. It was always good to know that Jennie “had our back".

Jun 15, 2019
If you’re looking for a trustworthy, hardworking, and reliable real estate agent, then look no further than Jennie Wilson. They say buying and selling a house is one of the most stressful events one can go through, but Jennie made the process as painless as possible. She is professional, persistent, and provided us with such great attention that it felt like we were her only client at the time, which I know we weren’t. She is a caring individual who helped us through the many ups and downs of both our buying and selling transactions, and we can’t thank her enough for all she did for us!

Jun 11, 2019
Jennie was great through the entire selling process. My wife and I were in a unique situation, we were selling our condo in Midtown but we lived in South Carolina. Jennie went above and beyond in every way to make sure we were happy and to educate us on the process. She assisted us with getting connected with a contractor to make minor repairs. She met the contractor at the building to ensure he wouldn’t have a problem getting in and out and ensured that he completed the work since we were out of state. It was our first experience being on the selling side of things and we were 110% satisfied. Not only is Jennie an awesome realtor but she’s a great person and awesome to work with! We highly recommend.

Jun 1, 2019
Hey Jennie, I want to take a moment and say thank you for helping us find this perfect house. There hasn’t been a doubt in my mind that this is the right house for us, but this weekend I was finally able to pause and take a breath and really reflect on the fact that Justin and I are actually going to own and live in this dreamy little cottage. It’s always been a dream of mine to own a house and for so many years that felt out of reach. But now we are about to have our own home. It’s been a whirlwind month since we found out we were moving to Atlanta before our wedding and I’ve been so focused on how to make it work that it’s been hard to relax for a moment and really take it all in. But last night I was going through my photos and videos and it started to sink in. And I’m just so incredibly excited! Thank you for helping us with this entire process and making me feel comfortable even when I’m not physically in Atlanta. I feel so positive about everything so far and I’m just so grateful for your help. Hope you’re having a wonderful day with your family!

Apr 12, 2019
My wife and I met Jennie for the first time over coffee first thing Saturday morning during a weekend trip to Atlanta to find a rental. Jennie was 8.999 months pregnant at the time and delivered later that week. One month later she was giving us a Facetime walk through of a house in the exact neighborhood we wanted. One month after that we moved across the country with our 18 month-old. Fast forward one year, our lease was coming to an end and we were interested in buying a home in the neighborhood. Full circle, this time my wife was 8.999 months pregnant. We didn’t know what we wanted in a house. This was going to be our first home purchase. Jennie didn’t just show us houses. She guided us through the process. Brought up pros and cons of houses and helped us whittle the decision down. When we finally were ready to make an offer, Jennie advocated for us and took us from offer to signing. We are now in the house we wanted with our growing family.

Jul 16, 2018
Y’all need to know that Jennie Wilson is the best realtor in ATL. I’m biased because we’re friends but also look at the facts; 1. Got our house over asking and under contract within 12 HOURS of listing 2. Pulled together dozens of homes for us to look at given our preferences working nights and weekends. 3. Negotiated a fantastic price on our (hopeful) NEW home. All this being done within days...not weeks or months! You need to get out there and lock in Jennie if you’re buying/selling. You will not regret it. Deciding to sell you first home and buy a new one is a very stressful process but when you have someone who focuses on the needs of their clients and not just a price point it makes the experience amazing. I would never go with another person or firm. As I’ve said before; if you’re in the market and you don’t know Jennie Wilson, you should. You will not be disappointed.

Apr 20, 2018
We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work about our house. You did an amazing job! We relied on you heavily to determine a fair market price and a good offer and you came through on everything. When things got crazy you were able to go above and beyond to make sure everything got done appropriately and in a timely manner. We can’t thank you enough for helping us sell our house. Amazing incredible outstanding superb! Five stars!!

Oct 8, 2017
To begin, my wife and Jennie have been close friends since their middle school days at Holy Innocents here in Sandy Springs. Initially, we were hesitant to work with a close friend...we have always heard that working with someone you love can be awkward at times and create unwanted tension in the friendship. About 5 minutes into our first official meeting with Jennie as her clients, those concerns were out the window. We knew how wonderful Jennie was as a person before we began working with her, but her professionalism and relentless pursuit of finding exactly what we were looking for blew us away. Her background as an attorney was invaluable in helping us navigate the contractual waters that can be overwhelming for first time buyers. She was available 24/7 to answer questions and went above and beyond our expectations as clients. We heavily relied on her experience and background, and she held our hands as she led us through the buying process. We simply cannot say enough good things about Jennie Wilson, she has locked us up as clients for life!

Nov 6, 2016
Calling Jennie a great realtor is a drastic understatement. She is a friend, confidant, expert, guardian and spirit guide. I’m not sure what other people’s experience is with realtors, but finding one this good I’m sure is not easy. We moved to Atlanta a few months ago after living abroad. We had no idea what we were getting into when we started thinking about buying our first home. Luckily a mutual friend introduced us to Jennie. We didn’t have the first clue what we were doing - were we buying or renting? Suburbs or in-town? Condo, single family? We had no idea but she didn’t bat an eyelash, none of this was a problem for the even-keeled, kind natured Jennie. She answered our many silly questions. She helped us scour the whole of Atlanta even when she knew there were only a couple neighborhoods that would qualify. She found us the perfect home. Even though our sellers were looking to move fast, due diligence was a breeze. Her knowledge of the mortgage side of things put our minds at ease about all the financial aspects of the purchase. She even took several phone calls late into the evening, and bent over backward to make sure our lender and loan was available on time for closing! To say she’s a miracle worker is an understatement. She was able to make time for us, finding the only blanks in our busy calendars. She communicated every detail of the process so there were no surprises. She made buying a home easy and fun. I’m not sure what else I could say other than she’s the best. If you want the best experience finding a home in Atlanta you found the best realtor.

May 14, 2016
I am so glad that I found Jennie to help me with purchasing my first home. From the start she made the process easy, working around my schedule and finding me plenty of choices that were not only within my budget, but also fit my specific needs and desires. She guided me through every step of the process, helping arrange my mortgage, advising on the price negotiations, and even helping me fix it up after everything was said and done! Jennie was a wonderful person to have in my corner during the whole process, and I’m so glad I got to work with her. I’m recommending her to everyone I know looking for a home!

Mar 15, 2015
I first emailed Jennie late one evening a few days before Christmas. I came across a house that I had to see, but due to the holiday did not expect to hear back for a few days. Within minutes she responded, eager to help. The following weekend we went to view the house, fell in love, and listed our house that day. She asked to do an open house that Sunday. By Wednesday we had multiple offers, one of which was full asking price. I’ll never forget how she burned the midnight oil coordinating all of it and how wonderful she was to work with through it all. Jennie is a true advocate for her clients and will put in the time to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience for your family. Her expertise calmed any fears we had and are so thankful we chose her for this journey. Jennie is one of the most organized, dedicated and honest professionals I’ve worked with. When the day comes for us to find another home she’ll be the first person we call.

Jan 25, 2015
I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth, Kristen and Jennie on several real estate transactions recently. They have a very good sense of the market and deliver professional service in every stage of the transaction. Their contract administration is extraordinary. I am comfortable recommending them to anyone.

Dec 17, 2014
After moving to Atlanta from Washington DC my wife and I had no idea what to expect with the real estate market. Thankfully when it came time to buy our home we decided to work with Jennie Wilson. I can honestly say that without the assistance and support of Jennie we most likely would not have purchased our wonderful home. Her tireless effort and commitment to client satisfaction, coupled with her caring demeanor and strong negotiation skills, made the home buying process very easy. Jennie worked with us throughout the process and continues to this day to make herself available if we have questions. Do yourself a favor and call Jennie. I know we will if the time comes. She’s a world class agent working at a world class company. Couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Apr 5, 2014
Jennie Wilson did a wonderful job as the agent for buying our current home and selling our old one. She made herself available at all times to meet contractors, inspectors and the like. This really helped the process and made it easy on us. Jennie did a lot of work and got great results for both contracts. Our house was sold in a matter of days.