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Amplify Reviews is the first solution that enables financial advisors to harness the power of online ratings and reviews on their own terms. With a compliance-first approach, there is no easier or lower-risk way for advisors to embrace client testimonials and take advantage of opportunities created by the new SEC Marketing Rule.

Win More Referrals with Online Reviews

Even when a happy client refers you to a new prospect, that prospect will first Google you along with their other recommendations.

Marketing experts have found that online information affects the vast majority of prospects’ choices of firms, with nearly half removing advisors from consideration based on what they saw or couldn’t find in their digital footprints.

By collecting more online reviews, you can show prospects what they want to see. Stand out from your competition by collecting a steady stream of online reviews.

Sophisticated Platform Makes Compliance Easy

If your firm is regulated by FINRA or the SEC, compliance is always a consideration.

The Amplify Reviews team has been helping highly regulated companies with their online reviews for nearly a decade. Our platform offers a rich suite of features to address unique compliance challenges, and our implementation approach has been met with the approval every compliance officer we've encountered.

Turn Clients into Promoters

Harness the power of online reviews by turning your clients into online promoters of your business. Letting your clients do the talking offers a great way to increase trust and attract new clients.

And clients will write reviews if you just ask. In fact, 74% of consumers reported writing at least one online review in the previous 12 months.

Amplify's review request process is carefully calibrated to maximize response rate.

Showcase Reviews On Your Own Website

Our website widgets are simple to install and highly configurable, so your website visitors will always be presented with the great experiences your clients have shared.

By putting the reviews that you collect on your own website, you also get all the SEO benefit that reviews inherently provide. Each review represents recent, relevant, and unique content – elements that are highly valued by Google and other search engine algorithms. And the language that clients use when writing reviews is often the exact same language that prospects use when searching for a new advisor.

Don't Get Left Behind

Now that the SEC has opened the doors to testimonials and endorsements, it’s only a matter of time until all financial advisors accumulate the online ratings and reviews that consumers value so highly. Late adopters will appear suspicious to prospects who will wonder what they have to hide.

Amplify Reviews makes it easy and risk-free to get started collecting reviews immediately, while providing options to launch the program whenever advisors are ready.

Investing in your online reputation pays dividends

Time and money spent on online reviews is fundamentally different from one-off marketing campaigns such as mailers. Every positive review you collect will benefit your business for years to come.

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