About Amplify Reviews

Amplify Reviews is the market leader for collecting and publishing verified first-party and third-party reviews online.

Most online rating websites allow any website visitor to leave a review, with no guarantee that the review came from an actual customer. One key Amplify difference is that we can guarantee that 100% of the ratings and comments captured and published by Amplify are from verified clients who completed an independently administered survey.

Publishing verified first-party ratings on your own website helps you quickly climb to the top of organic search results. And when prospects are researching your business, they're significantly more likely to select a business that features positive online ratings and reviews.

The Amplify Reviews team has been helping highly regulated companies with their online reviews for nearly a decade. Our platform offers a rich suite of features to address unique compliance challenges.

Note: Amplify Reviews provides a review management platform to our clients, but Amplify Reviews is neither a solicitor nor an endorser for any financial advisory firm.